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tv   [untitled]    January 24, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PST

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we are involved in. the expansion group, really talking with them about how they can (inaudible) those are just a few of the examples that we're involved in and it makes sense. market street cuts through, we are on the police advisory board for southern station, et cetera, et cetera. grants, i know we talked about this a little bit ago, but we do have a 5 percent fund raising requirement. it is the largest dollar amount of any cbd in san francisco, it's a little over $125,000 a year that we have to raise from other sources other than assessment revenues. we do it a variety of ways. we do an awful lot of in kind support from businesses in our neighborhood. we have received two community challenge grants over the 4 year period we are talking about and just recently received a grant for an intercept survey related to our renewal effort. then the other thing i want to
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add is we have received support from target for i think the last 3 years for events that we have in the neighborhood that bring people into the neighborhood that i'll talk about momentarily. i wanted to just give you a sense of the services that we do. this is just a highlight of some of the numbers of thing that is we do. let me just start by saying that our services are an augment station of city services. this is in addition to that. when you look at the sweep request and the steam cleaning request -- yes. yes. >> please specify the time period of these service requests. is this within a year? >> this is in that 4 year period that she was talking about. but the sweep request and the extra steam clean request are extra from what we normally do. every sidewalk in the neighborhood is steam cleaned once or twice a month, these
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are extra requests to that. every sidewalk in the neighborhood is swept 2 to 3 times a day, these are extra requests on top of that already and we wanted to tell you how many graffiti tags we have removed as well as how many evidence of illegal dumping we have had. we have statistics out the wazoo, we just wanted to bring a few of those forward to you today. just continuing on we have community guides and we have a bike patrol officer, a uniformed sfpd officer that works in the neighborhood, and these are some of their activities, again over the last 4 years of interactions with visitors, sleeper campers and aggressive panhandling. this last year we undertook a campaign to both increase awareness about our services. we have a lot of residents in our neighborhood that come and
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go a lot of businesses that change, et cetera, so it's a constant education process for us. so we wanted to increase awareness of the services and increase a sense of shared responsibility that we all have to be clean and safe. so we created the i'll be a superhero campaign. in the past you have been able to call or email. this past year we started texting capability. you can go on our web site and enter things on via the internet and we were the first cbd to create a mobile app that would enable you to report and track it. it's incredibly user friendly and it's given us more eyes and ears on the street to keep the neighborhood clean and safe. the poster you see on the right is part of our be a superhero campaign. we put
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them in bus shelters throughout the neighborhood, storefronts, et cetera, basically encouraging people to keep the neighborhood clean and safe. we also established over the last 4 year period performance measures to measure the cleanliness of our sidewalks. we have been doing since that time quarterly performance walks where we will take, go with our contractor, we will walk a random block that we select and we will evaluate how clean it is at that point in time. just this last year we started having our services committee go out and do these walks every other month as well and what you see on your map here are the walks we have done over the past year, as well as the cleanliness scores. also referenced our street life plan. in 2010 we went through a pretty extensive community planning process. we
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called it the community design initiative to come up with a plan to improve the streets and public space in the neighborhood and that's the yerba buena street life plan. we have 36 projects that are in that plan and they range from very small to very large scale projects. and it's a 10 year plan. just an example of some of the things that we've done we installed the city's first park mobile, these are basically a take off on parklets but they move around the neighborhood. we wanted there to be some greenry and seating that would move around the neighborhood and add a little bit of enjoyment for people. they are a great buffer for traffic because they take a parking spot and the foliage really screens you. because we have an arts and culture neighborhood the frame of the bike racks stay the same, but every 30 racks we change the artistic element that's in it.
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you have to see it, it's hard to explain. but we have 60 out there right now, we just delivered 60 more to mta and they will be going in starting i think probably the end of this month or next month. and then the most recent project that we just completed was annie street plaza. we closed down a portion of annie street and created a pedestrian plaza. that opened november the 19th. just a couple other things. these projects are outside our street life plan, but because we have a plan people come to us with different ideas for things. one idea that came to us was bike parking, we need more bike parks. we are in a very transit heavy neighborhood, a lot of tow aways, it's hard to put in a bike corral that's permanent so we came up with the idea of a portable bike corral. students
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won the competition and they were able to work with a local fabricator to actually take their idea and bring it to life, to actually build the bike corral and that's it. it can be easily moved for two people and it's available at no cost when they have events through the neighborhood. it's intended to be used for a few hours at a time. the other one you might recognize is the first living invasions do zone in san francisco. that's at yerba buena lane and market street. it was installed in october of 13, i believe, and it's been incredibly successful so far, knock on wood. one of the other things we do, because we talked about this as well is marketing and branding. it's a redeveloped neighborhood and it has a ton of residents but it hasn't had a sense of place, if you will. part of what we try to do is create that for people who live
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there, give them a sense of pride and give them a sense of place. we have big events that draw people into the neighborhood. the idea is to expose them to the neighborhood so you want to come back and explore it further and that helps support our cultural institutions and our businesses. our two big ones are yerba buena night and yerba buena family day. the picture to the far right is the most recent yerba buena family day crowd. backing up a little bit, we did branding research to come up with an identity for the neighborhood a name which was not a stretch but a name, so we have street banners up to give it a sense of place, we have created a web site in the last 4 years that lists all the business, it lists all the events going on in the neighborhood and because of the cultural institutions there's a lot of events, and the bottom gives us a sense of pride through our community benefit fund. that's a mural that we gave a grant to bessie
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carmichael school to paint that mural on their harrison street campus. one of the other things we started, we did a focus group a few years ago with residents that live in the neighborhood. and what we learned is that, one of the things we learned, they really wanted to evening things to do that didn't involve going to a restaurant or bar. they talk about yoshi's, things like that. well, those are hard to do. we tried to create neighborhood events and worked with local galleries and restaurants to be open free thursdays for people to come, that's what we call third thursdays. we don't do these any more we have gifted them to another organization in the neighborhood that continues to operate those programs and they continued to grow. it all sounds great but we do have challenges ahead of us and i wanted to touch on a few of those. because we are such a
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diverse neighborhood with universities, with residents, with the convention center, with hotels, with major retailers and small mom and pop shops and office buildings, balancing the diverse needs of that set of constituents and uses is a constant challenge for us. i probably don't have to talk about traffic, but because we're like an on ramp and off ramp to the freeway so we have significant traffic challenges as well as an increase in pedestrian and bike activity and so that just increases the demand for our services. challenges addressing street behavior we have that all over san francisco but we specifically are facing that in our neighborhood and then i think one of our biggest challenges moving forward is with the demise, or the dissolution, if you will, of the redevelopment agency. we are working as a neighborhood to come up with a plan for how to ensure the success of yerba buena gardens.
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khal lefrpgs are also opportunities. so as was said, we are in a renewal process, we will go out of business at the end of 2015 if not renewed by property owners. the vote will probably take place the end of this year. we are working to get a yes vote. maintaining yerba buena gardens, one of our street life projects was focused on public art and we have partnered with museums and galleries in the neighborhood as well as the arts commission to develop a public art plan that we are at the beginning stages of implementing. we have already submitted about a million and a half dollars worth of grants for funding public art in yerba buena. because so much development is going on in the neighborhood we are working with developers to leverage neighborhood facilities. things like dog facilities, we have a ton of dogs in our neighborhood and there's no place for dogs to
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quote, unquote, go. we're working with them to say how can we improve that? we're working on good open space with developers as well as public art that reflects the neighborhood that feels like it belongs. looking forward, we are trying to secure a yes vote. we are researching big bell trash cans and talking to some merchants in our neighborhood about testing those out. more bike racks, dog needs, we have two dog areas we are developing right now for the neighborhood and hopefully we'll have those i hate to say this, but i want to say 2015 but i already know how long projects take so we'll see how long that goes. implementation of the art
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plan, we will be have you are our fifth annual yerba buena night in october and we just updated street banners that are in the process of going up now and we are working on a mobile map of the neighborhood. those are some of the things. i'm happy to answer any questions you might have. i know that was a lot. >> thank you, supervisor tang >> i don't have a question but i wanted to thank you and of course everyone as part of oewb and of course the cbd's for your work. i have seen a lot of the positive changes and it's really helpful to point out the benefits of a cbd, we don't have one on the sunset but it's always good to document it and show what it can do for neighborhoods. thank you. >> thank you. at this time i will open it up to public comment. are there any members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. okay, supervisor tang, would
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you like to -- is there any other comments from staff? okay, would you like to make a motion to recommend this? >> sure, through the chair i'd like to make a motion to recommend a positive recommendation to the full board for item 3. >> okay without objection this item is recommended. madam clerk, can you please call the next item. >> item 4, resolution receiving and approving annual reports for the central market community benefit district for calendar years 2010 through 2013. >> okay, one more cbd >> i'm going to skip over all the items that are standard to the cbd program for the sake of time. again senior project manager, oewd we will now be covering the central market community benefit district program and we will be skipping
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to slide 4 of your presentation. this front of you is the parcel map for the -- here's a little bit of a tricky thing. we are only reviewing the previous community benefit district and it was renewed in 2013, so everything you will see here is the former management plan and engineer's report documents or information. so with respect to the old district you will see the former parcel map and in the former cbd there were approximately 140 parcels and this was a property based district. the annual budget that the cbd had was roughly $650,000, it expired on june 30th, 2013. it was renewed in that year and both renewed and expanded for a 15 year district.
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in terms of staffing, we have executive director tracy everwine but prior to tracy daniel hertano managed this district. we had public space beautification and safety district identity and street improvements and administration and corporate operations. executive director everwine will be coming up shortly to present on all those achievements. again in terms of benchmarks it's the four that we have already discussed just to ensure that the cbd is in compliance with their management plan that they passed. so in terms of benchmark 1, management plan budget versus their annual budget, the central market cbd for the most part had filed this for fiscal year 2011 and 2012 but in 2013
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there was a variation of just 10 percent in their public space and beaut fie case area. in terms of benchmark 2, they have exceeded their requirement, they are around the 20 percent mark. they have been very successful at getting a variety of grants for their programming. in terms of budget to actuals you will see here that they in 2011 and 2013 their budgets for public space beautification and safety had variance points that ranged between 14 and 20 percent. while we have to note it as not meeting the requirement, the reason why the variance is far greater than 10 percent is because they were receiving so much
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non-assessment dollars and then with respect to administrative expenses they were over by just 1.9 percent. in terms of carry over, their carry over has been typically small in comparison to other cbd's and so where central market cbd differs from most cbd, their fiscal year is actually on a calendar year so they are synched up to when we deliver funds to them so their carry over has historically been small. in 2013 i want to note they actually had a deficit of $3,000. in terms of recommendation for central market cbd, we recommend that the annual budget is reasonably aligned with the budget originally outlined in their management plan and ensure there are no deficits carried forward into the following fiscal year. in conclusion, it's our assessment that the central
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market cbd has performed well in implementing their service plan. they successfully created and produced events such as the epicenter, the vacant kiosk reuse pilot program and the arts market at un plaza. in terms of increasing their opportunities and partnering with community stake holders they have done this very well. they have increased the partnership with municipal agencies, especially with respect to our office's central market economic strategy. they also maintain an active board of directors and robust subcommittees to help implement their service plan. i will now have executive director tracy everwine come up and present on their accomplishments. >> good afternoon, supervisors, i'm tracy
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everwine, executive director of the central market cbd i want to take you few -- through a few slides that will take you through our programs under review today. these are our core services: clean team, community guides, our clean team and our community guides used to operate 9 am through 6 pm monday through friday. our district has access to a call center and our clean team focuses on graffiti abatement, trash renewal, pressure washing all above and beyond what city agencies do. our community guides, just a tremendous asset to our district. help with way finding but a lot more with social service assistance. crime deterrence and they do a lot of special event monitoring for us for arts organizations and theaters in our district.
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then of course we have our wonderful 10b officers that patrol the entire district but really pay a lot of attention to our high crime areas where we have a lot of drug dealing and illegal camps. so for 2011, the first of the three years we are reviewing today special programs included a free summer concert series in mint plaza every friday july through september. we activated two vacant newspaper kiosks one on market street and one on fifth. one is currently still operates as a free bike repair shop and the other we let a nonprofit art publisher use. we planted 12 street trees in the stevenson alley we were very fortunate to be able to provide community guides for the 6th street corridor while the 6th street
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corridor between market and howard was not part of our district community guides were desperately needed there so the community development stepped up and provided the resources for those guides, that was an incredibly successful program. unfortunately 6th street is now within our newly expanded boundaries. we convened a number of merchant meetings and also put together some really nice marketing materials for the district. 2011 there was still very little development activity in central market so we were really working hard to help fill vacant storefronts. in 2012 we continued our free noontime concerts in mint plaza. our merchant meetings expanded to include neighborhood residents and arts and culture institutions and we started working with sro hotels
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in the district to see how we could better partner with those operators to improve conditions in and around the hotels in the district. we worked with oewd to fa facilitate a design sherette that predated the better market street program to come up with community input for market street redesign public space activation and public art opportunities in the future. and then we began our renewal and expansion process and put together our steering committee for that endeavor. in 2013, while much of that year was taken up by the renewal and expansion effort we did continue our summer concert series in mint plaza. we launched a new web site in collaboration with the
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tenderloin cbd and the community cbd and took our work with sro hotel owners and operators a step further and actually produced an sro hotel manager's guide. and finally in 2013 our district was approved on july 13th after 29 community outreach meetings and steering committee meetings. as you can see on the map, the district a little bit more than doubled in geographic size but we went from 140 parcels to 819. we were able to expand our community guide and cleaning services to 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, and added economic development work to our scope of services. so when we come back to do this report for you
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again next year it will be much longer and more robust. thank you very much. >> thank you. i have a question as to why parcel 3703 is not included in the community benefit district. >> that is federal property. >> is that the federal building? >> that one is the 9th circuit court of appeals and the one to the west is the federal building. >> that's messed up. they get the benefits without the responsibility. >> the tricky thing is we as a local agency, we're not allowed to assess federal parcels. >> what about state? when did that happen? >> we are allowed to assess state parcels but not federal parcels so state agencies like caltrans, their parcel actually in yerba buena cbd is assessed
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parcels. >> that's more of a recent inclusion, right? >> yes, and so we're working through a couple of those things, in particular the green benefit district that's being proposed for potrero dog patch. >> i will open for public comment. are there any members of the public who would like to comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor tang do we have a motion to recommend? >> yes, we do. i would like to make a motion to pass forward with recommendation to the full board item 4. >> without objection this item is recommended. madam clerk, are there any other items on the agenda today? >> there is no further business. >> with that, this meeting is adjourned. thank you all so much for coming.
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(meeting adjourned). .
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